NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boom Fantasy, the leading pick’em daily fantasy sports company, has unveiled a six-figure daily jackpot prize for NFL and NBA contests. The contest, only $3 to enter, will give casual fans a chance to score a huge payday on any day of the week.

This new contest is part of the company’s new Jackpot Central section of its mobile app, where players can enter contests for as low as $1 to $3 and win life-changing amounts of money.

“Our players tell us that one of the things they love most about Boom Fantasy is that it feels winnable, unlike our competitors,” said Stephen A. Murphy, CEO of Boom Fantasy. “It is virtually impossible for most sports fans to navigate the shark-infested water of salary cap sites, with a game format inherently set up to help the mass-entry pros. We wanted to create a product where anyone with $3 could win a huge amount of money on any day of the week.”

While fantasy sites like DraftKings and FanDuel offer large prizes on Sundays, due to their shrinking user numbers as fans flee the salary cap format, six-figure prize pools on weekdays like the ones Boom Fantasy just announced have become rarer.

Boom Fantasy is offering three types of ‘Jackpot’ contests. In each contest, a fantasy player gets a series of simple questions that ask about the performance of a few athletes — for example, ‘Which player will score more points tonight — LeBron James or Steph Curry?’ If you answer them all correctly, you take home the grand prize.

Jackpot contests will be available at three fan-friendly price points — $1, $2, and $3. The Mighty Dollar ($1 to enter), which consists of only 4 questions a player needs to get right, will start with a top prize of $100 and increase each day. The $2 Progressive ($2 to enter) increases the number of questions to 8 and currently features a jackpot of over $30,000. The $100,000 Jackpot ($3 to enter) also has just 8 questions (although with tougher questions than the $2 version) and features the six-figure prize pool of its name.

The $2 Progressive Jackpot, with its $30,000+ prize pool, launched earlier this year and has already seen four different players go 7-out-of-8. It’s only a matter of time before someone goes perfect and takes home the top prize…

Boom Fantasy has emerged as the premier destination for sports fans who want a fun, different, and multimedia-rich fantasy experience. Boom Fantasy offers a unique and superior style of play that simplifies and reshapes the fantasy sports contest. Instead of constructing a complicated lineup with a salary cap, Boom poses a series of simple questions to assist in the generation of their fantasy team. In addition to its accessible format, Boom Fantasy also incorporates memes, emojis, and short pop culture videos that takes fantasy sports out of the world of number-crunching nerds and makes it a mass-friendly product that can appeal to all fans.

About Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is a leading fantasy sports company that dramatically simplifies and reshapes the daily fantasy sports experience. Players answer a series of simple questions (e.g. Who will score more touchdowns — Tom Brady or Matthew Stafford?) and compete against other players around the world for six-figure prize pools.

Boom Fantasy was named the ‘Best Fantasy Sports App of 2017’ at the EGR North America Awards. The company, founded out of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, has raised over $3.5 million from Founders Fund, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, and former executives and owners from Major League Baseball and ESPN.


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