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Blesque® has coined a new term in online marketing: “Indirect Online Small Business Marketing”. Indirect small business marketing is marketing something else besides your business service that could help to bring additional foot traffic to your business. Blesque® as an organization works on developing a line of services that would act as a helpful and educational resource of discovery for users, yet they will also perform as an engine of indirect small business marketing. Bellow we described a list of services built by Blesque® so far and how they could be used by small businesses to indirectly advertise themselves for free while providing users with something interesting, helpful and educational.

Blesque® is a free service of discovery. By gems we mean attractions unknown to the tourists. It could be a monument that’s out of the way, but deserves to be seen by people. It could be a location in the city from where people could enjoy the best view of the city. It could be almost anything that might attract new travelers to visit the area where your small business resides. More foot traffic means more customers for your small business.

As an example please visit following page of Blesque® service and continue reading:

When on the page with search results for keyword “Berkeley”, you can see multiple postings, but 2 of them are the ones that matter to us the most for this example.

First one is titled: “Panoramic View of San Francisco Downtown and Golden Gate Bridge”. It reveals the spot in Berkeley from where visitors could enjoy gorgeous view of the San Francisco Downtown and Golden Gate Bridge by the bay right from Berkley. There are not that many locations like that in Berkeley. 10 fingers would be enough to count them all. Therefor this view is one of a kind. Some of us went there and guess what, we didn’t witness many people there at all. Day however was sunny, warm and enjoyable. We loved it and decided to use that location as an example for our new service Blesque®.

The second posting is titled: “Skates on the Bay”. It advertises the restaurant that is right there where the spot for panoramic view of San Francisco Downtown and Golden Gate Bridge is located. As you can see. The restaurant “Skates on the Bay” is not only advertises itself, but also advertises an attraction that could additionally bring more foot traffic to the area, and sure visitors will stop and dine in the “Skates on the Bay” after enjoying the view they came there to witness and take photos with.

This is a great example of the mix between direct and indirect advertisement. Post titled: “Skates on the Bay” directly advertises the restaurant. Post titled: “Panoramic View of San Francisco Downtown and Golden Gate Bridge” indirectly advertises that same restaurant.

Thank you for being part of the Blesque®. We hope our services will help you succeed in business. Remember, you deserve it and you will win!

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