How to effectively advertise tours on –

We at have noticed that many tour agencies who submit their listings simply submit their business page with one company logo image and description about their tour agency. However the most effective advertising for the tour agencies that are trying to advertise on would be in the form of listings not just for the tour agency itself, but for the actual tours that agency is booking.

When making listings for tours, providing complete tour descriptions and multiple photos of the tour gives travelers the glimpse of what they are to see when they will book your tour. One mistake agencies make is when they upload only one image. Our policy allows submission of the listing with one image, however to make listing stand out, we would suggest to upload minimum of 5 images giving travelers an example of what they should expect to see on the tour.

It has happened to me in particular in the past when logo of the safari included elephants and tigers, however the tour itself that we booked was for completely different flora and fauna in which elephants and tigers don’t even exist. We enjoyed the tour still. It was fun to see beavers swimming and washing themselves. However still the way that tour was advertised was quite false if you ask me. Adding multiple images, makes the issue with people misunderstanding your tour’s theme goes away and makes it clear for travelers exactly what should they expect to see when they book your tour.

Good examples of the successful tour listings are:

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