Hi and nice to meet you. Above is a photo of me and I am Igor Vishnevskiy, the composer and the producer of my electronic dance music. Mostly I write trance music except when I get carried away and try writing other styles. I created this page for you to easily be able to download a free track that I have advertised and at the same time to introduce you to my full album. I just released a 10 track trance music album called: “It’s Time”. I called it “It’s Time” because it’s about time I wrote an album. 🙂

Click the “Download” button to download a free track from my album “It’s Time”.

Definitely, if you like the downloaded track, please give my full album a try. Links to the full album are below the download button.

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My full album could be purchased on Compact Disk. Please click on “Compact Disk” image bellow to order a CD.

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My full album is also available for playback using multiple streaming and MP3 download services. Choose the one you use the most below and enjoy.

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy my music. I am always working on bringing in more new tracks. Definitely check back often.