Kiva Beach at Lake Tahoe

Dog friendly beach for dog owners and lovers.

Lake Tahoe is famous for it’s winter ski resorts. However it is an unforgettably gorgeous in the summer with it’s cool water and sandy beaches. There is a variety of beaches to choose from, however Kiva beach is very special in a way. It is also called a dog’s beach. Kiva beach is a dog’s friendly beach of the South Lake Tahoe. Signs say that dogs should be kept on a leash, however from personal experience, I haven’t seen a single dog there on a leash. Therefore if you are scared of dogs, this is not the beach for you. However if you love dogs just like me, you would have so much fun enjoying them running around and swimming. If you own a dog, Kiva beach is the great place for your dog to socialize with other 4 legged buddies. There are human restrooms by the parking on the beach. Parking is free.

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