Reunion Tower – Observation Deck

Almost every city has a view point that lets one see the city with a bird eye. Dallas has one too. Reunion Tower stands 470 feet above the ground and houses multiple floors. One floor has an outside deck. Another floor has a cafe. Last floor has a restaurant. Floor of the restaurant and cafe are spinning. Restaurant however we didn’t get to see, because it was booked through out next few weeks, therefore book a table in “Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck” restaurant with time. Few weeks in advance. Floor in the cafe that is open for everyone who comes in spins too. Therefore if you didn’t get to come to the “Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck” restaurant, then head to the outside deck for pictures and then come one floor up and enjoy soft drink or a beer at the cafe. Unforgettable view from all around. We have uploaded bunch of photos for you to enjoy. Check the photo gallery on this page.

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