M2G Analytics Completes Successful Implementation of Casino Database Analytics Module at Fitzgerald’s Tunica

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — M2G Analytics, a specialized business intelligence, data analytics & visualization SaaS provider, has successfully completed installation of Casino Database Analytics (CDA) at Fitzgerald’s Tunica. CDA is the first module in a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence products designed to optimize performance for the global casino industry.

“CDA is a sophisticated player & host development tool that brings accountability to the host & player development process,” said Cory Morowitz, M2G Analytics Managing Partner.  “It does so by providing management with real-time, actionable intelligence and alerts designed to optimize promotional allowances, measure customer loyalty, and identify problem and/or “under-valued” players (as well as non-hosted players in-need-of-attention) in order to drive customer profitability.  CDA incorporates powerful proprietary algorithms and machine learning to quantify customer defection probability and lifetime value on an ongoing basis.”  

“The M2G team has worked tirelessly to exceed expectations, deliver an easy-to-use yet cutting-edge solution, and has provided unparalleled service,” said Rick Casagrande, VP of Marketing at Fitzgerald’s Tunica.  “The practical experience of the M2G team and their understanding of the gaming industry have been invaluable. We are already seeing solid returns and expect impressive results moving forward.”

M2G is a collaboration of GGH Morowitz, a leading global gaming industry consultancy and advisor, and Magnifact, a leader in data visualization and machine learning solutions. 

“CDA is powered by our feature-rich, proprietary MagniVizion® visualization platform,” said Krish V. Krishnan, M2G’s Chief Technology Officer and Founder & CEO of Magnifact. “We are excited about leveraging the power of deep machine learning technologies in our solutions to intelligently empower our clients to make crucial and cost-effective business decisions.”  

“CDA is designed for ease-of-use to provide immediate results and empower and align casino owners, investors, and management,” said Michael Kim, GGH Morowitz Co-Managing Partner. “Our solutions are extremely user-friendly, require minimal training, and eliminate need for “super-users” or expensive new hardware.  CDA delivers maximum impact for minimum cost.”

In addition to CDA, M2G Analytics recently released its second module – MoodAnalyzer, a revolutionary, patent-pending, natural language processing-based customer sentiment analysis solution.  

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