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  • Iceland’s Proposed Ban on Male Circumcision
  • Female Role Modeling via ‘Black Panther’
  • ‘The Post’: Meryl Streep Is Trapped in a Family Business
  • Tips and Hacks to Get the Best Travel Deal
  • Eight Tips to Keep Fit While Working Long Hours
  • What’s on Your Happy List?


  • Executive Director – Society of Environmental Journalists (DC/Remote)
  • Graphics Editor – The Wall Street Journal (NY)
  • Writer/Editor, Electronics – Consumer Reports (NY)


  • 5 Questions With Andrew Harper
  • Black Media Powerhouses: Celebrating News Icons of the Past, Present and Future
  • Blog Profiles: Presidential History Blogs



Iceland’s Proposed Ban on Male Circumcision
Georganne Chapin
Executive Director
Intact America
Iceland’s progressive party has introduced a bill banning anyone from removing all or part of a child’s sexual organs. Iceland banned female circumcision in 2005; this brings parity to the issue. Religious leaders outside of Iceland claim the law would violate freedom of religious beliefs. Chapin penned an op-ed for the Minneapolis Star Tribune last year in which she said: “To people like me, an attorney and advocate for health care equity who has been fighting against circumcising baby boys who are too young to consent, it is evident that the rights of the child over his or her body must override a parent’s religious practice. Circumcision hurts boys as much as girls — sexually, medically, and emotionally.” (Article link:
Based in Tarrytown, N.Y., Chapin is fluent in English and Spanish.
Contact: Jeannie Ashford, 

Female Role Modeling via ‘Black Panther’
Hank Boyd
Clinical Professor of Marketing, Robert H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland
Boyd is available to discuss character marketing via Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther,” especially related to the authoritative and STEM roles of the female characters: “Unlike in so many superhero films, the female characters in ‘Black Panther’ have authoritative roles. They counsel T’Challa after his rise to power, they protect him as part of the all-female army. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, is a positive female STEM role model, a scientist doing vital technological work on Vibranium (the strongest substance on Earth and found only in Wakanda). She’s STEM all the way. With this character, once again, you have to applaud. The filmmakers, they got it right. They have captured something that will inspire generations of young African-American women.”
An attorney and expert in consumer behavior, Boyd has consulted for the NFL, as well as for the likes of SAIC, Verizon and Progressive Insurance, which tapped him to help create its marketing campaign targeting Super Bowl 50 viewers.
Contact: Greg

‘The Post’: Meryl Streep Is Trapped in a Family Business
Michael Klein, PsyD
MK Insights LLC
Hollywood understands why family business — and being an individual in a family business — leads to great drama and is endlessly popular. Says Dr. Klein: “In her portrayal of Washington Post owner Katherine Graham, Meryl Streep captures the emotional complexity of finding your way when you are thrust unexpectedly into running a family enterprise. She faces the burden of family legacy and responsibility while simultaneously exploring how (and if) she can forge her own path as a business leader. Family business stories hold broad appeal as well because every audience member can relate to the universal human experience of determining one’s own identity in the context of family pressures, expectations, and traditions.”
Based in Massachusetts, Dr. Klein is the author of “Trapped in the Family Business.”
Expert Contact:

Tips and Hacks to Get the Best Travel Deal
Natasha Rachel Smith
Personal Finance Expert
“To ensure you get the best price, do your research and shop around for the cheapest deal. Visit popular sites and apps such as SkyScanner, Hopper, and Skiplagged to find the cheapest flights and destinations. You can also shop via a cashback site. Avoid spending more than you have to, whether it be a short stay or long weekend. Bundle your savings by signing up for email newsletters from hotels so you’re notified when there is a sale or price drop, and use a rebate site to score additional cashback on your savings.”
Smith is available to share tips, hacks or insight on all things money-related, including ways to save, shopping/consumer insight, insurance, credit cards and travel. A personal finance expert, travel guru and consumer affairs champion at, Smith is a cheerleader of financial literacy and wishes it was an integral part of the country’s education system. Originally from London, Smith moved to Montclair, N.J. several years ago to launch and run the American arm of the British-owned TopCashback brand, a global consumer empowerment and money-saving portal company. Natasha’s money-saving tips have been featured on USA Today, MSN,, Newsday, CNET, Insider, the Daily Mail and many more media outlets. She is based in New York.
Contact: Chelsea Hudson, 

Eight Tips to Keep Fit While Working Long Hours
Christine Lusita, CPT, CHC
Nutritionist and Behavior Change Specialist
Lusita offers these eight tips to keep fit while working long hours: “1) Every 10 to 15 minutes, stand up and do a back extension (lean back). 2) Drink 4-5 bottles of water a day and use those bottles to do seated rows at your desk — 20 reps, four times a day — or side raises. Training your back side is the key to a life without physical therapy and doctors! 3) Do 10 pushups in the morning against your desk, at lunch and at the close of the day. Every little bit counts and moves the dial forward, one click at a time. Invest in a sit-to-stand desk. 4) Balance on one leg for one minute, at least three times a day. 5) Always have a fruit or veggie on your plate with every meal. This one tip can significantly reduce the damage of unhealthier food choices and will help with weight control/loss. 6) Bring your lunch and snack. It’s so much easier to control your weight and make healthier choices when you are prepared! It’s a no-brainer. 7) Drop the Doritos. They’re not here to help you. 8) Plank for one minute, 2-3 times at lunch or while on a conference call.
Lusita is a celebrity health coach, TV health and fitness expert, and behavior change specialist with an emphasis on everyday health. As a nationally certified nutritionist and mindfulness educator at UCLA, she is a regular contributor to national media including “Today,” EXTRA TV, Steve Harvey, Inside Edition, ABC News, and CBS News. Lusita lives happily with her husband and her adorable boxer Lily in Los Angeles, and is the creator of the What a Feeling ’80s-inspired custom athleisure brand. She is the author of the upcoming book, “The Right Fit Formula.”
Contact: Mark Goldman, 

What’s on Your Happy List?
Ava Miles
International Bestselling Author
“It can be a scary question. Perhaps you’ve always accepted other people’s answers for what happiness should be like, even though these things never felt satisfying to you. You might have started believing you just aren’t a happy person. You might even get angry when someone asks you if you’re happy with your life, and your inner reaction is: ‘What’s so great about happiness anyway?’ Wherever you are in this process, I’m going to recommend you create a list. Make a list of: 1) things you want to do or experience, 2) things you feel happy doing and experiencing, 3) things your body and emotions say they need or enjoy, and 4) things you would like to gift yourself with.”
Miles calls herself a divine rockstar — something she believes everyone is deep down. With a B.A. in Rhetoric and Technical Writing and Spanish and two graduate degrees, one in International Peace Studies and another in Political Science, Miles spent many years traveling the world and sharing her gifts with women and men in war-torn countries, helping them to rebuild and reintegrate their communities amidst intense struggle. She has managed multi-million-dollar projects and multi-national teams of people in the private sector, in non-profits and in domestic and international agencies as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations. Now, she brings that experience together with her passion for sparking joy and personal success in people’s lives, launching an all-new series of life-fulfillment books called “The Goddess Guides to Being a Woman.” With nine books in total, “The Goddess Guides” invite us all to reimagine what it means to be a modern woman — on our own terms.
Online Press Kit:
Contact: Jennifer Thomas,



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