Blesque® is the online service, which aims to open a door for locals to tell the world about the gems of their home. By gems we mean attractions unknown to the tourists. It could be a monument that’s out of the way, but deserves to be seen by people. It could be a location in the city from where people can enjoy the best view of the city. Small local businesses are also gems that are often hard to discover because they have no budgets to compete with big guys. Help them get discovered as well.

All it takes is an effort and a mobile phone or computer to start posting on Blesque®. Other than that, Blesque® is a free of charge service. Upload pictures, add description, choose category, provide address and done. As simple as it sounds and your posting becomes available for all world to discover. You could also help by summarizing your experiences about places or services in a form of reviews. It will help people to make the best choice.

Our office is located in San Francisco, and as we all know, San Francisco has a beautiful one of a kind view on downtown from Treasure Island. View was one of a kind until one of us discovered another viewpoint in Berkeley from where downtown is even more gorgeous and you can also see the Golden Gate Bridge from a better angle than from Treasure Island. If you are interested, this viewpoint is located right next to the restaurant by the bay listed on this page of Blesque®: These are the gems that we are trying to discover and add to the Blesque® for others to discover.

World is full of hidden gems which we would all love to visit and experience first hand. Take part in helping the world to discover your local gems that only locals know about. Tourism brings additional money to the region, what it turn improves local economy. Advertise your local region by revealing your local gems on Blesque®.