SAN DIEGO, Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — An ambitious, elegant and distinctive project delivering a compact, effective and durable traveler’s accessory tool.

That’s AROO, the flagship project from TRAVEL AROO, Inc.  Available on Kickstarter starting December 1, the crowdfunding campaign aims to leverage design and technology to help shape society and enhance the way we transport clothes for flight, rail and sea.

“We started thinking about how much luggage a typical traveler takes along, and we realized that a physics principle can be maximized to improve the quality of travel for all.  With AROO, we wanted to provide the leading solution,” says Ned Morris, founder of TRAVEL AROO, Inc. “The biggest challenge was a delicate balance between compact design and performance strength, which we have overcome by creating the most powerful compression tool available.”

This stylish, innovative project turns AROO into a travel accessory that becomes part of your necessary packing routine; comfortable in your hand, yet comparatively miniscule in a bag, backpack or drawer at home thanks to its unique design.  It is almost a household type vacuum that nearly fits into a pocket through its innovative features:

  • Multiple use modes, both hand-held and hands free with the included adapters
  • It’s made from the same proven energy battery source powering today’s rechargeable battery vehicles
  • Simple operation using any brand vacuum storage bag – no specialty bags needed

Additionally, AROO was developed with an underlying goal in mind: to meet the ever-present and future anticipated airline space restrictions for travel.  For this reason, AROO was designed to easily tuck away neatly into unused suitcase corners or pockets of most any bag. AROO, in short, is a timeless, powerful and compact project that is much more than a future desk drawer gadget.  It represents utility, design and a focus for travel convenience – an innovative product that, starting December 1, will be available via Kickstarter.

About AROO

TRAVEL AROO, Inc., based in San Diego, California (UNITED STATES), is an innovative travel company driven by entrepreneur and founder Ned Morris with the goal of enhancing and combining design with style.

Ned Morris
760 945 0606

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